Tshepo Matheatau

The youth development programs have been focusing on the following:

  • God-Given Dreams.

Workshop based on Joel Osteen’s book whereby we were helping youth to follow and pursue their God-given dream. Also helping youth find their God given purposes. Pastor Goodgod and Mr Power (Arts and Culture Official) both assisted with accommodation and apparatus that we needed.

  • Film.  

Here youth were given the opportunity to get the essence of a real movie. They were given the opportunity to experience a real live movie shoot. Just to explore and take notes and see what effort is required when shooting a movie. The experience took place at Lindbergh Farm under Lekwa Teemane Municipality.

  • Choosing Life.

Here youth are taught that we choose life by choosing God and we also choose life by the choice of our words.  Youth are given a platform to learn in the form of a classroom.

  • Survival South Africa.

A program that took place at Lindbergh Farm.  The program is there to teach youth that God has created the earth with everything we need on it.  Survival South Africa took place for days without food and water, sleeping under trees in the bush, strictly surviving off the land, out of nature.   We were taught how to get water by digging in the ground and inserting an empty container into the ground with green leaves on top of it.

  • Film Screenings

Youth have been gathering at a larger place with a big screen TV to watch Christian movies. The movies are used as a way of sharing the word of God. As we discuss the movie, we also discuss each scripture in the movie that we come across. The gathering is not your usual movie experience. We provide drinks and popcorn like at a usual cinema to show the youth that serving the Lord Jesus is not boring.


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