The Pinnie Foundation, a non-profit organisation, has been set up a vehicle into which donations are made with the specific purpose of supporting certain organisations and charities which protect and care for abused, abandoned and neglected children and animals, as these causes are very close to the author’s heart. She says that as she has grown closer to God her compassion has grown towards vulnerable and hurting people and animals.

Another avenue for any donations made will be towards the printing of the books, so that they can also be distributed free of charge to those who either do not have access to a mobile phone which can download the story in their preferred language and format – or who would like to have the printed version.

There will be an option where the donor can specify exactly how they want their donation to be used.

A concerted effort will be made to keep administration costs to a minimum so that the majority of each donation will be used for what the donor intended.

Main objectives of the Pinnie Foundation

To support vulnerable and abused children and old people, as well as the disabled and any others suffering in the community.

To protect abused animals, especially dogs, who really are so often “a man’s best friend”.

One of the most vulnerable groups of any community are neglected and abused children. The Pinnie Foundation will get involved in helping projects, such as God’s Children Sanctuaries, to meet their basic physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

We also want to begin a project called “Cuddle a Puppy”. We were thinking of taking adorable innocent puppies or little dogs to places where people are suffering from feelings of loneliness, abandonment and rejection – like Old Age Homes, Homes for the disabled and mentally challenged as well as Prisons.

Being part of the “Cuddle a Puppy” project would do so much good to help heal in some way their emotional wounds. This experience of showing and receiving genuine affection can do so much good for old people, disabled people and prisoners – many of whom don’t get much love and affection from anyone, if any at all. Every human being needs affection and just experiencing this loving contact would do them so much good.

We would also love to start an “Adopt an Old Person” and “Adopt a Prisoner” Programme. Someone in particular would commit to visit them each week and just show them genuine kindness. In a way this would mean someone would “adopt” an old person or a prisoner who doesn’t have family visiting them or caring for them. That person would represent the “family” visiting them and encouraging them on a regular basis in some kind way. Kindness goes a long way to changing people’s hearts and giving them hope.

Through reaching out to prisoners with kindness and caring we trust God to change their hearts and give them hope of having new beginnings. It could well bring huge changes in prisoners’ behaviour and it may end up spreading around the nation’s prisons.

Whatever project we would be doing we would give them each a printed copy of the little Pinnie book to encourage them, preferably in their own language.

The Pinnie Foundation would assist with printing and distributing the Pinnie books in whatever format possible.

Translations are being done in many languages and those translations will be printed in the country speaking that particular language.

Audiobooks are also being made for the blind and illiterate.

Other objectives of the Pinnie Foundation will be to support the Gideon’s Garden project which is training people in disadvantaged communities to grow their own vegetables through “Farming God’s Way”, an established practice in Africa which saves water and produces abundant harvests with minimal costs.

The Foundation also wants to find ways to help in creating self-sustaining employment in disadvantaged communities, so that families can cover their basic needs where possible and feel a sense of dignity once again.

In conclusion, the Pinnie Foundation will help spread the message of God’s love and faithfulness through this simple but profound little story of Pinnie – as well as through the various projects it supports to care for those in need of a kind and helping hand.

Jesus said “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest, Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” (Matthew 11 verses 28-30)

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