We have done several motivational workshops with the youth and it has been so exciting to see them begin to believe that they can do great things with God’s help.

Tsepho has been such a help organising them. He has even done quite a few on his own initiative which have really blessed those who attended them. 

He is an incredible young leader and is so motivated to change his community and the country. 

We plan to do these workshops in a more structured way, for example, doing one workshop each week for a month and during that one month we focus on one particular topic. Then it really sinks into their subconscious mind which is like the engine room!

We are busy planning June and July now. 

June’s workshop is entitled – “Got a dream”. I found an excellent article which I sent to the youth already on this subject and they were so inspired. So this encouraged me to do the June workshop based on that title.

Once the workshop has been successfully completed by the young person we will give him or her some presents to remind them of what they have learnt and these will inspire them each time they use them. For example mugs, bookmarks, book covers, fridge magnets and pens etc.


Another way of encouraging the youth has been through Christian based DVDs.

I would send Tsepho brilliant DVDs about having the courage to reach your full potential by stepping out in faith. He has continued getting youth together to inspire and motivate them to become all God created them to be.

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