We are doing a lot of planting here in our seedling area so that we can supply seedlings from the farm which saves a lot by not having to buy all of them from other nurseries. Presently we do not charge for our seedlings as we want to get them to grow as many vegetable gardens as possible. Some say we should charge a minimal amount but at the moment the focus is getting as many planted as possible.

We will be encouraging the keen gardeners in the community to harvest their seeds from the foods they eat, plant those seeds and then sell their own seedlings so they can earn extra money from that.

We are so blessed to be sharing God’s love through our Lord Jesus during our training sessions as well as teaching them how to feed themselves. They are so excited about this and as we bring more seedlings and do the training, their neighbours start wanting to come too. So I am sure as funds are available we will grow and grow to bless so many homes with abundant food!

Some useful tips for planting seeds.

We use any type of container for training to plant seeds so that there is no financial outlay for them.

We teach them to keep various containers which they would normally throw out, like milk bottles of all sizes. They just need to cut the top off to make a vertical container or cut the milk bottle sideways to make a horizontal one. Then they need to make drainage holes at the bottom of each. They can use coke bottles in the same way.

They can use yoghurt tubs, margarine tubs and cottage cheese tubs of all sizes. Old coffee cups from the coffee shop too.

In fact they can use any container that lends itself to putting soil in it and planting their seeds!

Egg containers are ideal too. We just make a small hole in the bottom of each little compartment and those act as drainage holes.

They can also take any empty cold drink bottle and spike little holes in the cap and use that for watering their seedlings.

Youtube is my university for learning all these tips!!

One of my nephews, Mark, told me. “You can learn just about anything on youtube. It’s like a university!” And how right he was!!

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