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Gideon’s Garden Trainers

Just to introduce you to what we are trying to do in our area which we feel can be a huge help to bringing people out of their poverty through teaching them to grow their own vegetables with minimal cost and so provide for their families and sell whatever excess they have.

By teaching the community to grow their own vegetables in the townships, there would be no need to be hungry if they didn’t have a job to provide for their family. As I mentioned they could even grow enough to be able to sell surplus produce to others. They could also harvest their seeds and sell those or grow seedlings to sell on to others.

I had called it “Gideon’s Garden” project after a wonderful character in the Bible called Gideon, who had very little confidence in himself.

When he was hiding away from his enemies, God’s angel came to him and said to him: “The Lord is with you, brave and mighty man!”

But Gideon couldn’t believe that God thought He could use him for anything great in his life. He said that he was from the least clan in his tribe and he was the least in his family. But God often calls the least important to make them great through His strength. As God answered Gideon: “You can do it because I will help you.”

When I would drive to town, past the tin shacks where so many people lived, I used to ask God- “How can I help these suffering people?” I really felt He answered me by saying – “Teach them to grow their own vegetables.”

And one day God sent Shepherd to help me train these people to plant their own vegetables.

Shepherd and I believed that one day there could be a “Gideon’s garden” in each yard, in every township of the country, so that nobody would need to be hungry.


One of the first workshops we did on our farm was when we invited Jonathan and Lynn from Farming God’s Way in Johannesburg to do the first training session here on the farm…. read more


We are doing a lot of planting here in our seedling area so that we can supply seedlings from the farm which saves a lot by not having to buy all of them from other nurseries …. read more


We are proud to be collaborating with African Harvest Table in their Future Garden Project

They aim at increasing knowledge to communities on the importance of farming, consuming seasonal, local ingredients;  and preserving our food for future generations. They purpose to achieve these objectives through the distribution of seeds of indigenous food crops to various food garden projects in communities.

Gideon’s Garden project has been chosen as one of these projects and we are honored to be involved in this wonderful endeavor.

We will be distributing the following seeds and doing a detailed follow up and analysis of the effects of growing their own food.

The seeds being grown will be Sugar Beans, Black Eyed Beans, Morogo, Wormwood, Moringa Tree, Kalahari Melon, Bambara.

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