Report by Jenni Weideman and Chanelle Ludick

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him to fish and he will eat forever.” 
We took this principle and researched to see what skills and products we could teach the community members to produce themselves, making use of inexpensive local ingredients, in their own homes, using the most cost-effective methods.  We also have concentrated on making products that can be resold at a profit to create jobs and self-worth in the community.  The emphasis is on products that will be cheaper to make, using recycled materials that are in use daily but that can be sold, as they are useful.
We have finetuned the training processes, using our friends as willing guinea pigs to test and comment on the results.  
We will be offering training sessions in the local creches to groups of people, teaching and assisting them to then resell their products by creating pipelines of customers when possible.
The first training given will be on the making of Tallow Soap, also known as Boerseep, which is a bio-degradable, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic soap, which can be used for washing laundry to remove organic stains.  But it is gentle enough to use on skin, for children and animals.
We also are working on candle-making, biscuit baking, preserve making and most recently, a project to knit blankets for the elderly and beanies for premature babies.  We will make use of the local old age pensioners to include them in a community outreach.
We are so enjoying getting involved in all these community projects, and it is fulfilling to live out our God Given talents to train others.


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Candle making

Download the entire pdf document by clicking belowe

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