We are busy organising regular outings for the old people to visit our game reserve to see the animals and have a lovely meal before they leave.

We will start with “Cuddle a puppy” project in June.

I will take two adorable little dogs – Bonnie and Dossie – to those who love dogs, especially bedriddren patients. Research says it does wonders for their joy!

We will also be starting the “Adopt an old person” project in June.

I will be speaking to pastors in town to see who can help. There are so many lonely people who would love a “family” I am sure. 

Real families often just drop the old people off and leave them without visiting them. 

We are also discussing other matters with the people in charge about organising interesting things like gardening, candle and jewellery making, baking, knitting, film screenings,etc.

We will think of various things to bring them happiness and a sense of being loved again.

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